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indie boys do the darndest things

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do you like indie boys? do you like boys with shaggy hair? how about boys who wear tight pants? or even tight shirts? well ofcouse you do!

this community is for lovers of indie boys. and get this, indie boys can join for themselves too! crazy, i know.

1. This community is for posting pictures. Lets try to keep it at that. This can be pictures from shows, of your friends, or just random boys you've met.
    -Girls can't post pictures of themselves. I mean, c'mon. The name of the community is indieboys afterall.

2. All though this community is called indieboys it's not just for them. Hardcore, and the like are also welcome.
    - NFG, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and the lot are NOT indie/hardcore/emo/punk. Do NOT post anything about them. It will be deleted and you may be banned because if you think they belong here then you're just an idiot.
    -Please limit the amount of Conor in here too. Bright Eyes is my favorite band, and Conor's great and all, but I'm getting a bit sick of seeing him everywhere.

3. No porn like stuff, okay? Boys kissing = okay. But that's really the extent of it. No nakedness.

4. If you have big pictures please use lj-cut. Don't know how? Click here.

5. No plugged communities unless okayed by me. Comment here to ask about plugging comms.

6. Have something to add to "interests"? Comment here

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